EMERSON BENTLEY's Green Statement

EMERSON BENTLEY and Sustainability

EMERSON BENTLEY is, and has been, committed to the preservation and protection of our environment ever since our 2003 inception. We manufacture, by hand, the highest quality upholstery products available anywhere. As such, we are in a position to choose the techniques and materials that will have a minimal impact on natural resources, and we persist in doing so. We continue to look for new and emerging technologies and improvements in materials to foster this commitment and will select them in the years to come.

Sustainable Forestry

All of the frames that we manufacture are made with Maple and Poplar solid hardwood and very few components in plywood. All of this lumber is purchased and harvested through the Appalachian Hardwood Association and is verifiably sustainable through the US Forestry Service, (Member 20-0911). The Appalachian region has hardwood growth removal ratios of 2.29 meaning that 2.29 times more wood has been grown than has been removed. All of the plywood that we employ has been manufactured using formaldehyde-free adhesion materials.

Recyclable Steel

All of our domestic upholstered seating items utilize the pain-staking method of eight-way-hand-tying coil springs for the seats, and marshal units or no-sag springs are installed for the backs. All of the steel that is used in these springs have been recycled and use no other chemical or hazardous materials in its manufacture.

Eco-Friendly Foam Cushions

All of the foam used in our cushions contain a bio-based component, so that 20% of all of our foam is soy-based. This not only lowers the amount of energy consumption, but also reduces green-house gasses. We also use 100% natural down and feathers in a cotton ticking.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

We carry many fabrics that are 100% natural, such as mohair, cotton, wool and linen while others have elements of bamboo, hemp and other green and environmentally friendly materials.

Packaging and Shipping

Our carton materials are made from 20% recycled materials, and all of the material is 100% recyclable upon arrival at its destination. We employ no Styrofoam, or other "peanut" type of packaging. We use propane to power the shrinkwrap packaging system.

Air Quality

All of our finishes and lacquers are water-based and contain no lead. The spray booths trap and hold the majority of any over spray so that emissions are negligible.

With an accent on quality and a commitment to the finest in design,
EMERSON BENTLEY's products elegantly furnish the most sophisticated homes.


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